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Alba de Céspedes y Bertini (March 11, 1911 in Rome, Italy - November 14, 1997 in Paris, France) was a Cuban-Italian writer.


De Céspedes was the daughter of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes y Quesada (a Cuban ambassador to Italy) and his Italian wife, Laura Bertini y Alessandri. Her grandfather was Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, who is the father of the nation of Cuba, and a distant cousin was Perucho Figueredo. She was married to Francesco Bounous of the Italian foreign service

Her work

De Céspedes worked as a journalist in the 1930s for Piccolo, Epoca, and La Stampa. In 1935, she wrote her first novel, L’Anima Degli Altri. Her fiction writing was greatly influenced by the cultural developments that lead to and resulted from World War II. In her writing, she instills her female characters with subjectivity. In her work, there is a recurring motif of women judging the rightness or wrongness of their actions. In 1935, she was jailed for her anti-fascist activities in Italy. Two of her novels were also banned (Nessuno Torna Indietro (1938) and La Fuga (1940)). In 1943, she was again imprisoned for her assistance with Radio Partigiana in Bari where she was a Resistance radio personality known as Clorinda. She wrote the screenplay for the Michelangelo Antonioni 1955 film Le Amiche.

After the war she went to live in Paris. Although her books were bestsellers, De Céspedes has been overlooked in recent studies of Italian women writers.

Select bibliography

L’Anima Degli Altri (1935)
Prigionie (1936)
Io, Suo Padre (1936)
Concerto (1937)
Nessuno Torna Indietro (There's No Turning Back)(1938)
La Fuga (1940)
Il Libro del Forestiero (1946)
Dalla Parte Di Lei (The Best of Husbands) (1949)
Quaderno Proibito (The Secret Diary) (1952).
Gli Affetti Di Famiglia (1952)
Tra Donne De Sole (1955)
Invito A Pranzo (1955)
Prima E Dopo (Between Then and Now) (1956)
Il Rimorso (1967)
La Bambalona (1967)
Chansons des filles de mai (1968)
Sans Autre Lieu Que La Nuit (1973)
Nel Buio Della Notte (1976)

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