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Antony (Francis) Trew, naval officer and writer, was born in Pretoria, South Africa on 5 June 1906 and died in Chertsey, UK on 12 January 1996.


In World War II he served with the South African and Royal Navies in the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the Western Approaches. As such he was in command of the escort destroyer HMS Walker. He also served on the Arctic Convoys and was awarded the DSC (Distinguished Service Cross).

Peace Time

After World War II he resumed his work with the AA (Automobile Association) of South Africa as Director General.


    Two Hours to Darkness (1963)
    Smoke Island (1964)
    The Sea Break (1966)
    The White Schooner (1969)
    Towards the Tamarind Trees (1970)
    The Moonraker Mutiny (1972)
    Kleber's Convoy (1974)
    The Zhukov Briefing (1975)
    Ultimatum (1976)
    The Soukour Deadline (1977)
    Death of a Supertanker (1978)
    The Antonov Project (1979)
    Sea Fever (1980)
    Running Wild (1982)
    Bannister's Chart (1984)
    Yashimoto's Last Dive (1986)
    The Chalk Circle (1989)
    The Road to the River and Other Stories (1992)

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