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B. Traven (February 23, 1882?, February 25, 1882?, May 3, 1890? – March 26, 1969?) was the pen name of a writer who wrote his books originally in the German or English language  and whose real name, nationality, date and place of birth and details of biography are unknown or are subject of dispute among literary scholars. What is only certain is that B. Traven lived for the most part of his life in Mexico, where the action of the majority of his novels and short stories is also set. There are many, sometimes fantastic, hypotheses on the true identity of B. Traven. Scholars usually identify him with the theatre actor and anarchist known as Ret Marut, who lived in Germany in the early 20th century and who supposedly left Europe  for Mexico around 1924. There are also speculations that Traven's real name was Otto Feige and that he was born in Schwiebus, modern day Świebodzin  in Poland. In his biographies, Traven is most often identified with two figures: Berick Traven Torsvan and Hal Croves, both of whom appeared and acted in different periods of the writer's life. However, the persons who passed themselves off as Torsvan and Croves always denied being Traven and claimed that they were only Traven's agents, representing him in contacts with his publishers.

B. Traven is the author of twelve novels, one book of reportage and several short stories, in which the sensational and adventure subjects combine with a critical attitude towards capitalism, betraying the socialist and even anarchist sympathies of the writer. B. Traven's best known works include the novels The Death Ship from 1926 and The Treasure of the Sierra Madre from 1927, in 1948 filmed by John Huston, and the so-called Jungle Novels, also known as the Caoba cyclus (from the Spanish word caoba, meaning mahogany), a group of six novels (including The Carreta, Government), published in the years 1930-1939, set among Mexican Indians just before and during the Mexican Revolution in the early 20th century. B. Traven's novels and short stories became very popular as early as the interwar period and retained this popularity after the war; they were also translated into many languages. Most of B. Traven's books were published in German first, their English editions appeared later; nevertheless the author always claimed that the English versions were the original ones and that the German versions were only their translations. This, like most details of B. Traven's biography, is a subject of controversy.

List of works

B. Traven – Stand-alone works

    * The Cotton Pickers (1927; retitled from The Wobbly) ISBN 1-56663-075-4
    * The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1927; first English pub. 1935) ISBN 0-8090-0160-8
    * The Death Ship: the Story of an American Sailor (1926; first English pub. 1934) ISBN 1-55652-110-3
    * The White Rose (1929; first full English publication 1979) ISBN 0-85031-370-8
    * The Night Visitor and Other Stories ISBN 1-56663-039-8
    * The Bridge in the Jungle (1929; first English pub. 1938) ISBN 1-56663-063-0
    * Land of Springtime (1928) – travel book – untranslated
    * Aslan Norval (1960) ISBN 978-3257050165 – untranslated
    * "Stories By The Man Nobody Knows" (1961)
    * The Kidnapped Saint & other stories (1975)
    * The Creation of the Sun & the Moon (1968)

B. Traven – The Jungle Novels

    * Government (1931) ISBN 1-56663-038-X
    * The Carreta (1931) ISBN 1-56663-045-2
    * March to the Monteria (a.k.a. March To Caobaland) (1933) ISBN 1-56663-046-0
    * Trozas (1936) ISBN 1-56663-219-6
    * The Rebellion of the Hanged (1936; first English pub. 1952) ISBN 1-56663-064-9
    * A General from the Jungle (1940) ISBN 1-56663-076-2

Works by Ret Marut

    * To the Honorable Miss S... and other stories (1915-19; English publication 1981) ISBN 0-88208-131-4
    * Die Fackel des Fürsten - Novel (Nottingham: Edition Refugium 2009) ISBN 0-9506476-2-4;ISBN 978-0-9506476-2-3
    * Der Mann Site und die grünglitzernde Frau - Novel (Nottingham: Edition Refugium 2009) ISBN 0-9506476-3-2; ISBN 978-0-9506476-3-0

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