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Barbara McCauley (b. Southern California, U.S.) is a popular romance writer. She has written over 35 romance novels for Harlequin Enterprises since 1991.


McCauley was born in Southern California. The youngest of five children, she loved reading and writing from an early age. Currently, she is in the process of creating a miniature storybook garden in a corner of her abundant flowerbeds. When not at the computer, can be found puttering in her garden, and feeding her birds--including a chicken. Happily married with two children, she is continuing to write emotional, compelling romance novels.

She published her first book in 1991, Woman Tamer. She is a past co-president of the Orange County chapter of Romance Writers of America.


    * Miss Pruitt's Private Life: 2005 RITA Awards Best Novel winner

In addition to winning KISS and Achievement awards from Romantic Times, she has won an award from Affaire de Couer, and garnered nine other RITA award nominations. McCauley is a USA TODAY bestselling author and has made frequent appearances on the Waldenbooks Bestseller list.


Single Novels

    * Woman Tamer (1991)
    * Man from Cougar Pass (1992)
    * Whitehorn's Woman (1993)
    * Her Kind of Man (1993)
    * A Man Like Cade (1993)
    * Nightfire (1994)
    * Midnight Bride (1996)
    * The Nanny and the Reluctant Rancher (1997)
    * Courtship in Granite Ridge (1998)
    * Small Mercies (1998)

Texas's Hearts Of Stone Series

   1. Texas Heat (1995)
   2. Texas Temptation (1995)
   3. Texas Pride (1995)

Conveniently Wed Series Multi-Author

        * Seduction of the Reluctant Bride (1998)

Secrets By Blackhawk-Sinclair Saga Series

   1. Blackhawk's Sweet Revenge (1999)
   2. Secret Baby Santos (1999)
   3. Killian's Passion (1999)
   4. Callan's Proposition (2000)
   5. Gabriel's Honor (2000)
   6. Reese's Wild Wager (2001)
   7. Sinclair's Surprise Baby (2001)
   8. Taming Blackhawk (2002)
   9. In Blackhawk's Bed (2002)
  10. That Blackhawk Bride (2003)
  11. Miss Pruitt's Private Life (2004)
  12. Blackhawk Legacy (2004)
  13. Blackhawk's Betrayal (2006)
  14. Blackhawk's Bond (2006)
  15. Blackhawk's Affair (2007)

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