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John Franklin Broxholme (born June 11, 1930 Bradford, died June 24, 2000 Bury St Edmunds[1]) is an English thriller writer who published fifteen novels in a little over twenty years (1971–1993) using the pen name of Duncan Kyle.

Reminiscent of the work of Desmond Bagley, Kyle's books typically involve a tough, resourceful individual who unexpectedly becomes involved in danger and intrigue in an exotic setting. A Cage of Ice, for example, involves a London physician who accompanies a hand-picked team of adventurers on a snowmobile journey across the Arctic to rescue a defecting Soviet scientist. Green River High follows another group of adventurers into the jungles of Borneo in search of a plane that crashed there during World War II. Kyle's novels are, like those of Bagley and Alistair MacLean, stronger on plot and setting than on characterization. They are invariably well-crafted, however, and two--The King's Commissar and The Dancing Men--are classics of the historical fiction and historical detective story genres, respectively.


Novels (as Duncan Kyle)

    * A Cage of Ice (1970)
    * Flight Into Fear (1972)
    * The Suvarov Adventure (1973) paperback title A Raft of Swords
    * Terror's Cradle (1974)
    * The Semonov Impulse (1975) originally published using pseudonym "James Meldrum"
    * In Deep (1976) paperback title Whiteout!
    * Black Camelot (1978)
    * Green River High (1979)
    * Stalking Point (1981)
    * The King's Commissar (1983)
    * The Dancing Men (1985)
    * The Honey Ant (1988)
    * Exit (1993)

Novels (as J.F. Broxholme)

    * The War Queen (1967)

Non-fiction (as contributor John Franklin Broxholme)

    * The Practice of Journalism (1968)

Non-fiction (uncredited editor)

    * Stephen Ward Speaks (1963)

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