Emanuel Poppel

Biografie şi Bibliografie

Poppel Emanuel
Technical University�Gh.Asachi� Iasi,
Faculty Chemical Engineering and Enviroment Protection
Department: Natural and Synthetic Polymers


M.Sc(Chem.Eng), Polytechnic of  Jassy (1949)
Ph.D.  (Dr.Eng) (1958)
D.Sc. (Dr in Science) (1971)

Professional Experience

    * Assistant Professor (1949-1952),
    * Lecturer ( 1952-1960),
    * Associate Professor.(1960-1970),
    * Professor  (1970-1996),
    * Emeritus Professor (since l996  and now).
    * Visiting Professor: Germany (Dresden, Darmstadt in 1972,1974), Austria (Graz in 1992,1995,
    * Lecturer in Hungary, Holland, Poland ,Spain, Russia, USA, England, Israel, Austria, Finland, Cehoslovakia,etc.
    * Supervisor for PhD-Students in the domain Chemical Engineering. ( Up to now was defended 20 PhD-Thesis)


 Main domains of rechearches


1.Rheology of  the fibrous structures (paper, nonwoven, f ibers)

2.Elektrokinetic Processes and Phenomena in the Fibrous Technology (paper, textiles, etc). As initiator, in collaboration with Prof.Dr.Josef Schurz (Graz, Austria), of  The International Symposia "ZETA POTENTIAL", held in Darmstadt (Germany), Lodz (Poland), Dresden (Germany), Munchen, Budapest,etc.

3.Obtaining and Utilization of Natural and Synthetic Additives and Chemical Fibers in Paper making and Fibrous Composites,utilized in electrotechnic, as special paper, mechanical industriy, food industry thermical and phonic insulants, aeronautic, etc

4.Papesizing in neutral and alkaline medium (being considerate as a promoter in this field, applied now in a large scale in the world).

5.Fundamental Processes in Papermaking.

6.Paper and Pulp Aging.

 Publications,licences,books and monographs

    * 220 scientific works in the domain of  Fibres Structures, Rheology, Elektrokinetics in the Pulp and Paper Technology; Processes and Equipment in the Pulp & Paper Ind.,(most of them reported in the 47 international congresses and symposia held in: Germany, Russia, Poland, Austria, Cehoslovakia, Holland, Hungary, Israel, England,etc);l
    * 13 licenses
    * 8 books and monographs,as: "Rheologie und elektrokinetische Vorgange in der Papiertechnologie" Leipzig 1977, "Equipment and Plants in the Paper Industry" Buch. 1979,"Equpment in the Pulp Industry, Jassy 1997, "Synthetic Paper", Jassy 1989,etc.,

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