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Harry Norman Turtledove (born June 14, 1949) is an American novelist, who has produced works in several genres including alternate history, historical fiction, fantasy and science fiction.


Turtledove was born in Los Angeles, California, and grew up in nearby Gardena. His paternal grandparents, Romanian immigrants, first settled in Winnipeg, Canada, before making their permanent home on the US West Coast. After dropping out during his freshman year at Caltech, he attended UCLA, where he received a Ph.D. in Byzantine history in 1977. His dissertation was entitled The Immediate Successors of Justinian: A Study of the Persian Problem and of Continuity and Change in Internal Secular Affairs in the Later Roman Empire During the Reigns of Justin II and Tiberius II Constantine (AD 565–582).

In 1979, Turtledove published his first two novels, Wereblood and Werenight, under the pseudonym "Eric G. Iverson." Turtledove later explained that his editor at Belmont Tower did not think people would believe the author's real name was "Turtledove" and came up with something more Nordic. He continued to use the "Iverson" name until 1985, when he published his "Herbig-Haro" and "And So to Bed" under his real name. Another early pseudonym was "Mark Gordian." Turtledove has recently begun publishing historical novels under the pseudonym "H.N. Turteltaub" (Turteltaube means turtle dove in German). He published three books as Dan Chernenko (the Scepter of Mercy series).

Throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s, Turtledove worked as a technical writer for the Los Angeles County Office of Education. In 1991, he left the LACOE and turned to writing full time. From 1986 to 1987, he served as the Treasurer for the Science Fiction Writers of America.

He has written several works in collaboration, including The Two Georges with Richard Dreyfuss, "Death in Vesunna" with his first wife Elaine O'Byrne, Household Gods with Judith Tarr, and others with Susan Shwartz, S.M. Stirling and Kevin R. Sandes.

Turtledove won the Homer Award for Short Story in 1990 for "Designated Hitter," the John Esten Cooke Award for Southern Fiction in 1993 for The Guns of the South, the Hugo Award for Novella in 1994 for "Down in the Bottomlands." "Must and Shall" was nominated for the 1996 Hugo Award for Best Novelette, the 1996 Nebula Award for Best Novelette and received an honorable mention for the 1995 Sidewise Award for Alternate History. The Two Georges also received an honorable mention for the 1995 Sidewise Award for Alternate History. The Worldwar series received a Sidewise Award for Alternate History Honorable Mention in 1996. In 1998, the novel How Few Remain won the Sidewise Award for Alternate History. He won his second Sidewise Award in 2003 for the novel Ruled Britannia. On August 1, 1998, Turtledove was named honorary Kentucky Colonel while Guest of Honor at Rivercon XXIII in Louisville, Kentucky. The Gladiator was the co-winner of the 2008 Prometheus Award.

Turtledove served as the toastmaster for Chicon 2000, the 58th World Science Fiction Convention.

He is married to mystery and SF writer Laura Frankos. His brother-in-law is fantasy author Steven Frankos. He has three daughters: Alison, Rachel and Rebecca.

"The Master of Alternate History"

Turtledove has been dubbed "The Master of Alternate History". Within that genre he is known both for creating original alternate history scenarios such as survival of the Byzantine Empire or an alien invasion in the middle of the Second World War and for giving a fresh and original treatment to themes previously dealt with by many others, such as the victory of the South in the American Civil War and of Nazi Germany in the Second World War. His novels have been credited with bringing alternate history into the mainstream. His style of alternate history has a strong military theme with scenes of combat happening throughout many of his works.

List of books and series

Writing as Eric Iverson


    * Wereblood (1979)
    * Werenight (1979, revised in 1994)
    * Prince of the North (1994)
    * King of the North (1996)
    * Fox and Empire (1998)
          o Wisdom of the Fox (1999, collects the revised Werenight and Prince of the North)
          o Tale of the Fox (2000, collects King of the North and Fox and Empire)

Writing as H.N. Turteltaub

Hellenic Traders

Historical fiction about two cousins who are traveling merchants in the 4th century BC Mediterranean.

    * Over the Wine Dark Sea (2001)
    * The Gryphon's Skull (2002)
    * The Sacred Land (2003)
    * Owls to Athens (2004)

Writing as Harry Turtledove


Set in a world that is analogous to the Byzantine Empire.

    * The Videssos cycle: One of Julius Caesar's legions is transported to a world with magic.
          o The Misplaced Legion (1987)
          o An Emperor for the Legion (1987)
          o The Legion of Videssos (1987)
          o The Swords of the Legion (1987)
    * The Tale of Krispos Series
          o Krispos Rising (1991)
          o Krispos of Videssos (1991)
          o Krispos the Emperor (1994)
    * The Time of Troubles Series
          o The Stolen Throne (1995)
          o Hammer and Anvil (1996)
          o The Thousand Cities (1997)
          o Videssos Besieged (1998)
    * The Bridge of the Separator (2005)

Worldwar / Colonization

Incorporates elements of both science fiction and alternate history. In Worldwar, aliens invade in the middle of the second World War. The Colonization trilogy deals with the course of history a generation after the initial series, as the humans and aliens work to share Earth. Homeward Bound follows a human spaceship that travels to the aliens' home world.

    * Worldwar Tetralogy
          o In the Balance (1994)
          o Tilting the Balance (1995)
          o Upsetting the Balance (1996)
          o Striking the Balance (1996)
    * Colonization Trilogy
          o Second Contact (1999)
          o Down to Earth (2000)
          o Aftershocks (2001)
    * Homeward Bound (2004)

Southern Victory

The Confederacy wins the American Civil War and continues to exist as an independent nation into the mid-20th century (The names above are used by fans, as the overall series has no official title).

    * How Few Remain (1997)
    * The Great War Trilogy
          o American Front (1998)
          o Walk in Hell (1999)
          o Breakthroughs (2000)
    * The American Empire Trilogy
          o Blood and Iron (2001)
          o The Center Cannot Hold (2002)
          o The Victorious Opposition (2003)
    * The Settling Accounts Tetralogy
          o Return Engagement (2004)
          o Drive to the East (2005)
          o The Grapple (2006)
          o In at the Death (2007)


A fantasy series about a global war in a world that is reminiscent of medieval Europe and where magic exists. Many of the plot elements are analogous to elements of World War II, with kingdoms and sorceries that are comparable to the nations and technologies of the real world.

    * Into the Darkness (1999)
    * Darkness Descending (2000)
    * Through the Darkness (2001)
    * Rulers of the Darkness (2002)
    * Jaws of Darkness (2003)
    * Out of the Darkness (2004)

War Between the Provinces

This fantasy series is based heavily on the American Civil War, except magic exists, north and south have been reversed and blond-haired serfs take the place of slaves.

    * Sentry Peak (2000)
    * Marching Through Peachtree (2001)
    * Advance and Retreat (2002)

Crosstime Traffic

Travel between parallel timelines has become possible in the late 21st century. This is a series for young adults and as such there are no racial slurs or profanity.

    * Gunpowder Empire (2003)
    * Curious Notions (2004)
    * In High Places (2006)
    * The Disunited States of America (2006)
    * The Gladiator (2007)
    * The Valley-Westside War (2008)

Days of Infamy

The Japanese gain the initiative in the Pacific War by invading and occupying Hawaii.

    * Days of Infamy (2004)
    * End of the Beginning (2005)


A trilogy which describes a world where the American eastern coast from the tip of Florida to Nova Scotia breaks away from the mainland millions of years in the past and has an island biota similar to New Zealand's. Discovered in 1452 and named Atlantis, this eighth continent becomes a focal point in a gradually diverging timeline. Two short stories, "Audubon in Atlantis" and "The Scarlet Band" have been set in this milieu.

    * Opening Atlantis (2007)
    * The United States of Atlantis (2008)
    * Liberating Atlantis (2009)
    * Atlantis and Other Places (2010) - Contains "Audubon in Atlantis" and "The Scarlet Band" amongst other, unrelated stories.

Opening Atlantis was nominated for the 2009 Prometheus Award.

Opening of the World

A trilogy describing a fantasy world in which inhabitants of an Iron Age empire explore a land uncovered by a receding glacier.

    * Beyond the Gap (2007)
    * Breath of God (2008)
    * The Golden Shrine (2009)

The War That Came Early

An ongoing series describing an alternate World War II which begins in 1938 over Czechoslovakia. The first volume, Hitler's War, was released in hardcover in 2009 without a series title. As of this writing, six total volumes have been contracted for.

    * Hitler's War (2009); published in paperback as The War That Came Early: Hitler's War (2010).
    * West and East (2010)
    * The Big Switch (2011)

Volumes 4 to 6 have yet to be announced.

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