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James Lee Burke (born December 5, 1936) is an American author of mysteries, best known for his Dave Robicheaux series. He has won an Edgar Award for Black Cherry Blues (1990) and Cimarron Rose (1998). The Robicheaux character has been portrayed twice on screen, first by Alec Baldwin (Heaven's Prisoners) and then Tommy Lee Jones (In the Electric Mist). Burke has also written seven miscellaneous crime novels, two short story anthologies, four books starring protagonist Texas attorney Billy Bob Holland, and three books starring Billy Bob's cousin Texas sheriff Hackberry Holland.


Burke was born in los angeles, Texas, but spent most of his childhood on the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast. He attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and University of Missouri, receiving a BA and MA from the latter. He has worked in a wide variety of industries over the years, including oil, journalism and social care. He taught for the creative writing program at Wichita State University during the '80s, shortly before resettling in Montana.

Personal life

Burke owns homes with his wifer, Pearl (née Pai Chu), in Lolo, Montana, and New Iberia, Louisiana. They have four children, including their daughter Alafair Burke, who is also a prominent crime writer. They also have four grandchildren. Burke is the cousin of short story writer Andre Dubus II.


Dave Robicheaux

    The Neon Rain (1987)
    Heaven's Prisoners (1988)
    Black Cherry Blues (1989)
    A Morning for Flamingos (1990)
    A Stained White Radiance (1992)
    In the Electric Mist with Confederate Dead (1993)
    Dixie City Jam (1994)
    Burning Angel (1995)
    Cadillac Jukebox (1996)
    Sunset Limited (1998)
    Purple Cane Road (2000)
    Jolie Blon's Bounce (2002)
    Last Car to Elysian Fields (2003)
    Crusader's Cross (2005)
    Pegasus Descending (2006)
    The Tinne Roof Blowdown (2007)
    Swan Peak (2008)
    The Glass Rainbow (2010)
    Creole Belle (2012)

Billy Bob Holland

    Cimarron Rose (1997)
    Heartwood (1999)
    Bitterroot (2001)
    In the Moon of Red Ponies (2004)

Hackberry Holland

    Lay Down My Sword and Shield (1971)
    Rain Gods (2009)
    Feast Day of Fools (2011)


    Half of Paradise (1965)
    To The Bright and Shining Sun (1970)
    Two for Texas (1982)
    The Lost Get-Back Boogie (1986)
    White Doves at Morning (2002)

Short Stories Anthologies

    The Convict (1985)
    Jesus Out to Sea (2007)

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