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Physicians in Cardiology and Vascular Medicine at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota are committed to providing the most appropriate and highest quality of care to patients with cardiovascular disease. More than 150 staff physicians provide care for patients with cardiovascular disease, which includes disorders of the heart, arteries, veins and lymphatic vessels. Physicians who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease work together in a highly integrated and collaborative group practice.

The heart care practice at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota is one of the broadest and largest in the world. Members of the Division of Cardiovascular Diseases care for approximately 55,000 patients annually. Patients have access to cardiologists in 26 dedicated clinics and laboratories who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of more than 120 cardiovascular diseases and conditions. Adult and pediatric cardiologists collaborate to provide integrated, coordinated care for patients of all ages.

New diagnostic techniques, drugs and interventions are continuously being introduced into cardiology and vascular medicine. The expertise of the physicians in Mayo's many specialized areas enables the entire Cardiovascular Diseases Division to stay at the leading edge of change in cardiology and vascular medicine.

Members of the Division of Cardiovascular Diseases are active in cardiovascular research and publish more than 400 articles annually. Many physicians in the division hold or have held leadership positions in leading professional medical organizations. The division also offers continuing medical education programs for physicians.

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