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Jude Deveraux (born September 20, 1947 in Fairdale, Kentucky as Jude Gilliam) is an American Romance novel author who is well known for her historical romances. As of 2010, 36 of her novels had been on The New York Times Best Seller list, including among the dozens such titles as 2009's Lavender Morning and Days of Gold. Deveraux, who was described as "a popular romance author" by the New York Times in 2009, appeared as herself in the 1987 romance novelist documentary Where the Heart Roams. In 2009, she was one of four authors who produced works for the debut of Vook, a company which produces "video books" by combining text, video and internet links into a single experience.

Known for her historical romances with storylines centered on strong, capable heroines, Deveraux has written stories set in later time periods, including post-Revolutionary America, nineteenth century Colorado, and nineteenth century New Mexico. She has written several time-travel romances, and her latest novels have had a contemporary setting. Many of her more recent books feature paranormal storylines.

Many of her books follow the Montgomery and Taggert families and contain recurring characters.


The Montgomery/Taggert Family

    The Black Lyon (1980) [Ranuff deWabrooke & Lyonene Tompkins, 1275]
    The Velvet Promise (1981) [Gavin Montgomery & Judith Revedoune, 1501]
    Highland Velvet (1982) [Stephen Montgomery & Bronwyn MacArran, 1501]
    Velvet Song (1983) [Raine Montgomery & Alyxandra Blackett, 1502]
    Velvet Angel (1983) [Miles Montgomery & Elizabeth Chatworth, 1502]
    Twin of Fire (1985) [Leander Westfield & Blair Chandler, 1892]
    Twin of Ice (1985) [Kane Taggert & Houston Chandler, 1892]
    The Temptress (1986) [Christiana Montgomery Mathison & Tynan Dysan, 1896]
    The Raider (1987) [Jessica Taggert & Alexander Montgomery, 1766]
    The Princess (1987) [J.T. Montgomery & Princess Aria, 1942]
    The Awakening (1988) [Amanda Caulden & Henry "Hank" Montgomery, 1913]
    The Maiden (1988) [Prince Rowan & Princess Jura, 1299]
    A Knight in Shining Armor (1989) [Nicholas Stafford & Dougless Montgomery, 1988-1564]
    Wishes (1989) [Jocelyn "Jace" Montgomery & Nellie Grayson, 1896]
    Mountain Laurel (1990) [Maddie Worth & Christopher Hring "'Ring" Montgomery, 1859]
    The Duchess (1991) [John "Trevelyan" Montgomery & Claire Willoughby, 1883]
    Eternity (1992) [Carrie Montgomery & Joshua Greene Templeton, 1865]
    Sweet Liar (1992) [Samantha Elliot & Michael Taggert, 1991]
    "The Invitation" from The Invitation (1994) [Jacqueline O'Neill & William "Billy" Montgomery, 1934]
    "Matchmakers" from The Invitation (1994) [Cole Hunter & Dorie Lantham, 1991]
    "Change of Heart" from Holiday of Love (1994) [Frank Taggert & Miranda Harcourt]
    "Just Curious" from A Gift of Love (1995) [Macallister J. Taggert & Karen Lawrence]
    The Heiress (1995) [Axia Maidenhall & Jamie Montgomery, 1572]
    High Tide (1999) [Fiona Burkenhalter & Paul "Ace" Montgomery]
    Holly (2003) [Nick Taggert & Hollander Latham]
    Someone to Love (2007) [Jace Montgomery & Nightingale Smythe, 2005]

Forever Trilogy (Montgomery/Taggert)

    Forever... A Novel of Good and Evil (2002) [Darci T. Monroe & Adam Montgomery]
    Forever and Always (2003) [Darci Montgomery & Lincoln Ames]
    Always (2004) [Darci Montgomery & Jack Rose, 2004-1843]

Nantucket Brides Trilogy (Montgomery/Taggert)

    True Love (07/02/13) [Alixandra Madsen & Jared Montgomery Kingsley]

The James River series

    Sweetbriar (1983) [Linnet Tyler & Devon Macallister, 1784]
    Counterfeit Lady (1984) [Nicole Courtelain & Clayton Armstrong, 1794]
    Lost Lady (1985) [Regan West & Travis Stanford, 1797]
    River Lady (1985) [Leah Simmons & Wesley Stanford, 1803]

The Peregrine Family

    The Taming (1989) [Rogan Peregrine & Lianna Neville, 1445]
    The Conquest (1991) [Zared Peregrine & Tearle Howard, 1447]

The Legend series

    Legend (1996) [Cole Tarik Jordan & Kady Long, 1996-1873]
    "The Teacher" from Upon a Midnight Clear (1997) [Cole Jordan & Kathryn DeLonge, 1880s]

The Summerhouse series

    The Summerhouse (2001)
    Return to Summerhouse (2008)

The Endenton series

    First Impressions (2005)
    Carolina Isle (2005)

The Edilean series

    Lavender Morning (2009) [Jocelyn Minton & Luke Connor]
    Days of Gold (2009) [Edilean Talbot & Angus McTern, 1766, Scotland and Virginia]
    Scarlet Nights (2010) [Sara Shaw & Mike Newland]
    Promises VOOK (2010) [Ethne McTern & Jamie Armitage, 1800]
    The Scent of Jasmine (2010) [Catherine "Cay" Harcourt & Alex McDowell]
    Heartwishes (2011) [Gemma Ranford & Colin Frazier]

The Moonlight Trilogy (Edilean)

    Moonlight in the Morning (2011) [Jecca Layton & Dr. Tristan Aldredge]
    Stranger in the Moonlight (2012) [Kim Aldredge & Travis Maxwell]
    Moonlight Masquerade (2013) [Dr. Reede Aldredge & Sophie Kincaid]

Stand Alones

    The Enchanted Land (1978)
    Casa Grande (1982)
    "A Perfect Arrangement" from The Invitation (1994)
    Remembrance (1994)
    An Angel for Emily (1998)
    The Blessing (1998)
    Temptation (2000)
    "Unfinished Business" from A Season in the Highlands (2000)
    The Mulberry Tree (2002)
    Wild Orchids (2003)
    Secrets (2008)


    A Holiday of Love (1994)
    A Gift of Love (1996)
    Upon a Midnight Clear (1997)
    Simple Gifts (1998)
    A Season in the Highlands (2000)

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