Leonhard Frank

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Leonhard Frank (4 September 1882 in Würzburg  - 18 August 1961 in Munich) was a German expressionist  writer. He studied painting and graphic art in Munich, gained acclaim with his first novel, The Robber Band (1914, tr. 1928). When a Berlin journalist jubileed in a famous café about news of the Lusitania, torpedoed by German submarine, Frank was upset - and slapped the man into his face. Thats why he went into exile in Switzerland  (1915-18), where he wrote a series of pacifist short-stories published unter the title Man is good. After the Nazis gained power in Germany in 1933 Frank had to emigrate a second time. He lived in Switzerland again, moved to London and Paris and finally fled under adventurous conditions to the United States in 1940, and returned to Munich in 1950. His best-known novels were In the Last Coach (1925, tr. 1935) and Carl and Anna which he dramatized in 1929. Later MGM made a movie titled Desire Me out of this story.

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