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Penny Halsall, née Penelope Jones (b. 24 November 1946 in Preston, Lancashire, England) better known by her pen name of Penny Jordan, is a best-selling and prolific English writer of over 200 romance novels. She started writing regency romances as Caroline Courtney, and now writes contemporary romances as Penny Jordan and historical romances as Annie Groves (her mother's maiden name). She has also signed novels as Melinda Wright and Lydia Hitchcock. Her books have sold over 70 million copies worldwide and has been translated into many languages.

Widowed, she lives in Nantwich, Cheshire, England, surrounded by her pets.


Personal life

Penelope "Penny" Jones was born on 24 November 1946 in Preston, Lancashire, England, and weighed about eight pounds. She was the first child of Anthony Winn Jones, who died aged 85, and his wife, Margaret Louise Groves Jones, 86, who passed to Jones her Scots Celtic heritage. She has a brother, Anthony Jones, and a sister, Prudence "Pru" Jones.

She has been a keen reader from childhood. Her mother would leave her in the children's section of the local library while she changed her father's library books. Her story-telling career began at the age of eight when she began telling original bedtime stories to her younger sister.

Her all-time favourite books are those of Jane Austen, Dorothy Dunnett, Catherine Cookson, Georgette Heyer, Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare's plays and poetry and the Bible. After reading a serialised Mills & Boon book in a woman's magazine, she fell in love with the hero. Jones was eleven and she quickly became an avid fan.

Jones left grammar school in Rochdale with O-Levels in English Language, English Literature and Geography. In her early days, she spent fourteen years working as a shorthand typist in Manchester.

Jones married Steve Halsall, an accountant and "lovely man", who smoked and drank too heavily, and suffered oral cancer with bravery and dignity. They did not have children, but she has a bakers dozen of assorted godchildren nieces and nephews.

Widowed, Jordan writes from an office in her beautiful mock Tudor house in Nantwich, Cheshire, a home that she shares with her dog, Sheba, and cat, Posh.

Jordan runs a writing group where she helps other aspiring writers to develop their craft, pointing them to agents and publishers who might be interested in their work. She is also active in women's charities in her native England.

Writing career

By her early twenties, Jordan was writing for herself, but her writing career began in earnest when she was 30, encouraged and supported by her husband. He bought her, at a time when he could ill afford it, the small electric typewriter on which she typed her first books.

She entered a competition run by the Romantic Novelists' Association. Although she did not win, an agent, who was looking for a new-style Georgette Heyer, contacted the R.N.A.

In March 1979, she published her first novel under the pseudonym Caroline Courtney, Duchess in Disguise, the same year she published other 4 books. Under this penname she published 25 regency romances until 1986. Her novels was published by different editorials: Arlington Books, Warner Books, G.K. Hall, Corgi Books, Prior...

From 1981 to 1983, she signed 3 air-hostess romps as Melinda Wright and 2 thrillers as Lydia Hitchcock, published by Columbine House.
Falcon's Prey as Penny Jordan, 1981/08

In 1981, Mills & Boon accepted her first novel for them, Falcon's Prey signed as Penny Jordan. Since then, almost 70 million copies of her 167 Mills & Boon (or Harlequin) novels have been sold worldwide.

Some of Penny Jordan's novels are part of series, created by her or in collaboration with other authors. Her favourite Penny Jordan's Series is The Perfect Crightons. The surname for Crighton family came from her late mother in law as it was her family name prior to her marriage. The Crighton live in the fictional town Haslewich, inspired in Nantwich, the Hasle is a play on her own married surname.
Ellie Price as Annie Groves, 2003/08

Since 2003, she returned to writing historical novels as Annie Groves (she has adopted her mother's maiden-name). Jordan gains much of her inspiration from human interest stories in the news as well as her own family history. She adapted a story told by her grandmother Elsie Jones in Ellie Pride. This novel also begins a family saga.


As Caroline Courtney

Single novels

    Duchess in Disguise (1979)
    A Wager for Love (1979)
    Love Unmasked (1979)
    Guardian of the Heart (1979)
    Dangerous Engagement (1979)
    Love's Masquerade (1980)
    The Fortunes of Love (1980)
    The Romantic Rivals (1980)
    Heart of Honour (1981)
    Destiny's Duchess (1981)
    The Masquerading Heart (1981)
    Abandoned for Love (1981)
    The Tempestuous Affair (1981)
    Love of My Life (1981)
    Love Triumphant (1981)
    Lover's Victory (1981)
    The Courier of Love (1982)
    Love in Waiting (1982)
    Libertine in Love (1982)
    The Daring Heart (1982)
    Forbidden Love (1982)
    Hearts or Diamonds (1985)
    Prisoner of Passion (1985)
    Dual Enchantment (1985)
    Conspiracy of Kisses (1986)

As Melinda Wright

Single novels

    The Concorde Affair (1981)
    Love at 30,000 Feet (1982)
    Flight into Ecstasy (1983)

As Lydia Hitchcock

Single novels

    The Ducetti Lair (1981)
    The Geneva Touch (1982)

As Penny Jordan

Single Novels

    Falcon's Prey (1981)
    Tiger Man (1981)
    Marriage without Love (1981)
    Blackmail (1982)
    Long Cold Winter (1982)
    Caged Tiger (1982)
    Daughter of Hassan (1982)
    Northern Sunset (1982)
    Island of the Dawn (1982)
    An Unbroken Marriage (1982)
    Bought with His Name (1982)
    Escape from Desire (1982)
    Desire's Captive (1983)
    Forgotten Passion (1983)
    Man Hater (1983)
    Rescue Operation (1983)
    Flawed Marriage (1983)
    Phantom Marriage (1983)
    Sudden Engagement (1983)
    Passionate Protection (1983)
    Savage Atonement (1983)
    The Inward Storm (1984)
    Love's Choices (1984)
    Response (1984)
    Shadow Marriage (1984)
    Wanting (1984)
    Darker Side of Desire (1984)
    Rules of the Game (1984)
    Campaign for Loving (1985)
    Permission to Love (1985)
    Taken Over (1985)
    Time Fuse (1985)
    You Owe Me (1985)
    What You Made Me (1985)
    The Friendship Barrier (1985)
    Only One (1985)
    The Six-Month Marriage (1985)
    Exorcism (1985)
    Fire With Fire (1985)
    Injured Innocent (1985)
    The Hard Man (1985)
    Desire for Revenge (1985)
    Capable of Feeling (1986)
    A Man Possessed (1986)
    Return Match (1986)
    Desire Never Changes (1986)
    Research into Marriage (1986)
    A Reason for Marriage (1986)
    Loving (1986)
    Stronger Than Yearning (1986)
    Too Short a Blessing (1987)
    Passionate Relationship (1987)
    A Savage Adoration (1987)
    For One Night (1987)
    An Expert Teacher (1987)
    Substitute Lover (1987)
    Levelling the Score (1987)
    Fight for Love (1987)
    Payment in Love (1988)
    Special Treatment (1988)
    Force of Feeling (1988)
    Without Trust (1988)
    Potential Danger (1988)
    Lover's Touch (1988)
    Power Play (1988)
    A Reason for Being (1989)
    Beyond Compare (1989)
    Equal Opportunities (1989)
    Valentine's Night (1989)
    So Close and No Closer (1989)
    Free Spirit (1989)
    Bitter Betrayal (1989)
    Silver (1989)
    A Rekindled Passion (1989)
    Rival Attractions (1990)
    Time for Trust (1990)
    Unspoken Desire (1990)
    Breaking Away (1990)
    Out of the Night (1990)
    Game of Love (1990)
    The Hidden Years (1990)
    A Kind of Madness (1990)
    Second Time Loving (1990)
    Payment Due (1991)
    A Forbidden Loving (1991)
    A Time to Dream (1991)
    Dangerous Interloper (1991)
    Second-Best Husband (1991)
    A Cure for Love (1991)
    Stranger Form the Past (1991)
    Past Passion (1991)
    Law of Attraction (1992)
    Lesson to Learn (1992)
    Mistaken Adversary (1992)
    Lingering Shadows (1992)
    Past Loving (1992)
    Passionate Possession (1992)
    A Matter of Trust (1992)
    Tug of Love (1992)
    Yesterday's Echoes (1993)
    For Better for Worse (1993)
    French Leave (1994)
    Cruel Legacy (1994)
    Power Games (1995)
    Unwanted Wedding (1995)
    The Trusting Game (1995)
    Her Christmas Fantasy (1996)
    Stranger From The Past (1997)
    Mission: Make-Over (1997)
    To Love, Honour and Betray (1998)
    Wanting His Child (1999)
    One Intimate Night (1999)
    The City-Girl Bride (2001)
    Christmas Eve Wedding (2002)
    Now or Never (2003)
    Sweet Revenge (2005)
    The Christmas Bride (2006)
    Her Lover Her Husband (2006)
    The Italian Duke's Wife (2006)
    The Sheikh's Blackmailed Mistress (2008)
    The Boss's Marriage Arrangement (2008)

The Bride's Bouquet Series

    Woman to Wed? (1996)
    Best Man to Wed? (1996)
    Too Wise to Wed? (1996)

        The Bride's Bouquet (Omnibus) (2000)
        Duet: Woman to Wed? / Best Man to Wed? (2005)

The Perfect Crightons Series

    A Perfect Family (1997)
    The Perfect Seduction (1997)
    Perfect Marriage Material (1997)
    The Perfect Match? (1997)
    The Perfect Lover (1998)
    The Perfect Sinner (1999)
    The Ultimate Surrender (2000)
    The Perfect Father (2000)
    A Perfect Night (2000)
    Coming Home (2000)
    Starting Over (2001)

        The Crightons: The Perfect Seduction / Perfect Marriage Material / The Perfect Match? (by Request 3's) (2001)
        Women and Love: The perfect lover / The perfect father / The perfect night (2002)

Fantasy in the Night Series

    Fantasy for Two (1998)
    One Night in His Arms (1998)

Sweet Revenge Or Seduction Series

    Mistress Assignment (1999)
    Lover by Deception (1999)
    A Treacherous Seduction (1999)
    The Marriage Resolution (1999)

Sheikh's Arabian Nights Series

    The Sheikh's Virgin Bride (2003)
    One Night with the Sheikh (2003)
    Possessed by the Sheikh (2005)
    Taken By The Sheikh (2007)

Jet Set Wives Series

    Bedding His Virgin Mistress (2005)
    Expecting The Playboy's Heir (2005)
    Blackmailing the Society Bride (2005)

    Jet Set Wives (Omnibus) (2008)

Silk Series

    Silk (2008)
    Sins (2009)
    Scandals (2010)

The Leopardi Brothers Saga

    Captive At the Sicilian Billionaire's Command (2009)
    The Sicilian Boss's Mistress (2009)
    The Sicilian's Baby Bargain (2009)

For Her Eyes Only Series Multi-Author

        An Unforgettable Man (1995)

Dangerous Liaisons Series Multi-Author

        An Unforgettable Man (1995)

The Big Event Series Multi-Author

        Marriage Make Up (1998)

Amnesia Series Multi-Author

        Back in the Marriage Bed (2000)

Greek Tycoons Series Multi-Author

        The Demetrios Virgin (2001)
        The Mistress Purchase (2004)

Red-Hot Revenge Series Multi-Author

        The Marriage Demand (2001)

Wedlocked! Series Multi-Author

        The Blackmail Baby (2002)
        Marco's Convenient Wife (2002)
        Mistress to Her Husband (2004)

Do Not Disturb Series Multi-Author

        The Tycoon's Virgin (2002)

By Royal Command Series Multi-Author

        The Blackmail Marriage (2003)
        The Italian Duke's Mistress (2006)

Mistress to a Millonaire Series Multi-Author

        Mistress of Convenience (2004)
        The Mistress Purchase (2004)

Foreign Affairs Series Multi-Author

        Mistress of Convenience (2004)

Greek Tycoons Series Multi-Author

        The Mistress Purchase (2004)

Desert Brides Series Multi-Author

    Prince of the Desert (2006)

Dinner At 8 Series Multi-Author

        The Christmas Bride (2006)

Uncut Series Multi-Author

        Master of Pleasure (2006)

The Royal House Of Niroli Series Multi-Author

    1. The Future King's Pregnant Mistress (2007)
    8. A Royal Bride At the Sheikh's Command (2008)

Mistress to a Millionaire Series Multi-Author

        Virgin For The Billionaire's Taking (2008)

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