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Robert Winder, formerly Literary Editor of The Independent for five years and Deputy Editor of Granta magazine during the late 1990s, is the author of Hell for Leather, a book about modern cricket, a book about British immigration, and also two novels ("Biographical Notes" 73) as well as many articles and book reviews in British periodicals. He is a team member of the Gaieties Cricket Club, whose chairman was the late Harold Pinter.



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    * "Two O'clock, Putney Heath in August" – Poem © Robert Winder. In "Literature of the Gaieties",

Selected book reviews

    * "A Dying Game". The New Statesman 19 June 2000. ("Why would a cricketer commit suicide? Robert Winder reads the lives of three great former players and is bewildered by their self-absorption and petty obsessions.")

Selected editorials for Granta

    * Granta 58: Ambition. (Contents from the archive; Winder's "Editorial" is not available online.)

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