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Janey Scott was born in London, England. She developed a big interest in art. In 1948, she married Michael Lewin and they had a son, Jeremy.

She began writing with her first published romance novel in 1950, and she continued published romance novels as Roberta Leigh, Rachel Lindsay, Roumelia Lane and Rozella Lake and as her maiden name Janey Scott. She was one of the first writers to introduce strong career-minded heroines who wouldn't be bossed around by the hero.

She had her own film company and wrote and produced 7 TV series for children: Twizzle, Sarah & Hoppity, Torchy and Space Patrol etc. As well as writing the stories, Roberta Leigh also 'wrote' the music for her series, although this usually involved her humming or singing the tune into a tape recorder, after which someone else would arrange and write a score.

She studied painting with Diana Raphael and Michael Chaitow, and they awakened her interest in abstract art. Her medium is oil, and watercolour in its various forms. This is done either on paper, or paper bonded on canvas or on board. Her work is deeply emotional, and during a painting session many paintings may be discarded before a state of transcendental calm is obtained. Only then does the true process of creation begin. Her first exhibition was held at the home of Robert Brenner, founder of the Institute of Safety Analysis, Washington DC and the commissions which followed delayed her next exhibition for two years. This was at the Podbury Gallery in London where she remained until the owner retired. She then went to Finnegans Gallery in Mayfair, and remained there until it closed due to Wendy Finnegan's ill health.

She now works privately for clients in England, North America and Switzerland. But, romantic fiction has a special place in her life. She lives in London, loves children, dogs and cats and, since the death of her husband, finds her romance in the books.

Sara and Hoppity

Sara and Hoppity (1960)
Sarah and Hoppity Make New Friends (1960)
Sara and Hoppity Find a Cat (1961)
Sara and Hoppity Get Lost (1961)
Meet Sara and Hoppity (1962)
Sara and HoppitySara and Hoppity Get Lost

Tomahawk (1960)
Tomahawk and the River of Gold (1960)
Tomahawk and the Animals of the World (1961)
Tomahawk and the Tomb of the White Moose (1961)
TomahawkTomahawk and the River of Gold

Torchy and the Magic Beam (1960)
Torchy in Topsy Turvy Land (1960)
Torchy and Bossy Boots (1962)
Torchy and His Two Best Friends (1962)
Torchy and the Twinkling Star (1962)
Torchy and the Magic Beam
Mr. Hero

The Adventures of Mr. Hero (1961)
Mr. Hero and the Raggler Children (1961)
The Adventures of Mr. Hero
Sara Gay: Model Girl (writing as Janey Scott)

1. Sara Gay: Model Girl (1961)
2. Model Girl in Monte Carlo (1961)
3. Model Girl in New York (1961)
4. Model Girl in Mayfair (1961)
Sara Gay: Model GirlModel Girl in Monte CarloModel Girl in New YorkModel Girl in Mayfair

In Name Only (1950)
Dark Inheritance (1952)
The Vengeful Heart (1952)
Beloved Ballerina (1953)
And Then Came Love (1954)
Pretence (1956)
Stacy (1958)
Memory of Love (1959) (writing as Janey Scott)
Melody of Love (1960) (writing as Janey Scott)
A Time to Love (1960) (writing as Janey Scott)
Storky (1962)
My Heart's a Dancer (1970)
Cinderella in Mink (1973)
Chateau in Provence (1973) (writing as Rozella Lake)
Heart of the Lion (1974)
If Dreams Came True (1974) (writing as Rozella Lake)
Shade of the Palms (1974)
Man in a Million (1975)
Temporary Wife (1975)
Cupboard Love (1976)
To Buy a Bride (1976)
Too Young to Love (1976)
Man Without a Heart (1976)
Unwilling Bridegroom (1976)
Girl for a Millionaire (1977)
Flower of the Desert (1977)
The Wrong Man to Love (1977)
Not a Marrying Man (1977)
Facts of Love (1978)
Forgotten Marriage (1978)
Night of Love (1978)
The Savage Aristocrat (1978)
Love in Store (1978)
Rent a Wife (1980)
Wife for a Year (1980)
Love Match (1980)
Confirmed Bachelor (1981)
No Time for Marriage (1985)
Maid to Measure (1986)
Too Bad to be True (1987)
A Racy Affair (1987)
No Man's Mistress (1987)
An Impossible Man to Love (1987)
Storm Cloud Marriage (1987)
Not Without Love (1989)
Man on the Make (1989)
A Most Unsuitable Wife (1989)
It All Depends on Love (1990)
One Girl at a Time (1990)
Two-faced Woman (1991)
Bachelor at Heart (1992)
Not His Kind of Woman (1992)
Give a Man a Bad Name (1993)
Two-timing Man (1993)
The Wrong Kind of Wife (1994)
Misunderstood (2007)

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