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Silviu Sburlan has been born on July 13-th, 1943, in Buzau, Romania. From 1950-
1971, Silviu Sburlan was a schoolboy in Constantza, for secondary courses at
the Elementary School No. 13 and for high school courses at Lyceum No. 3. In 1966,
he graduated at the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics in the University of Iassy,
Romania. Silviu Sburlan has got his Pf. D. in 1974, at the Bucharest University.
The professional evolution of Silviu Sburlan is remarkable:
² First, he was a mathematician at the Computing Center of Chemistry in Bucharest
(1966-1967). Soon he became a researcher and, next years, a senior researcher, at the
Center of Mathematical Statistics in Bucharest (1967-1977).
² In 1977, Silviu Sburlan became, by a competition, associate professor at the Engineering
Institute of Constantza, where he remained till 1990.
² In 1990, he has been promoted, by a competition, as a full professor of the new
”Ovidius” University of Constantza, to which he is one of the founders.
The professional experience of our professor is very rich. As a young researcher in
Bucharest, he taught regular courses, in particular graduate ones, on functional analysis,
integral and partial differential equations, mechanics, topological degree methods
for nonlinear boundary-value problems at the Faculty of Mathematics at Bucharest
University and at the Institute of Civil Engineering.
A lot of students have been supervised by him for their MS theses.
Since 1991, Professor Silviu Sburlan has supervised Ph. D. students in Differential
Equations. There are three people in our faculty (Luminita Barbu, Cristinel Mortici
and Panait Anghel) who have had there doctoral degree with him. Their theses are
highly considered by the Romanian specialists in their field of research.
The cooperation with some engineers and other scientists in the design and implementation
of mathematical models and training in numerical solution of the differential
equations characterizes the deep ideas of our professor’s research.

Some of research topics with well-known results of professor Silviu Sburlan appear in
the following publications:
- ”Metode Functionale in rezolvarea Ecuatiilor Teoriei Elasticitatii”,
V + 90 pp., with P. Mazilu, Editura Academiei Romˆane, Bucuresti, 1973.
- ”Nonlinear Mappings of Monotone Type”, X + 341 pp., Sijthoff & Noordhoff Int.
Publ, 1978.
- ”Gradul Topologic”, IV + 254 pp., Editura Academiei Romˆane, Bucuresti, 1983.
- ”Monotonicity Methods for Partial Differential Equations”, VII + 127, pp., with Gh.
Morosanu, MB-11/PAMM, Budapest, 1999.
Professor Silviu Sburlan has been invited and visiting professor/lecturer at the Humboldt
University (East Berlin 1973), Oberwolfach Institute of Mathematics (Germany
1974), University of Parma (1990), University of Metz (1991), University of Paris VI
(1992, 1995), University of Granada (1993, 1994, 1995), University of Lille (1996),
University of Ohio (1999, 2002), University of Montreal (2001).
Summer school organizer and proceedings editor of a lot of national and international
conferences, he initiated the conferences in Nonlinear and Numerical Analysis at the
”Ovidius” University of Constantza, since 1989.
He participated at some international summer schools: Bressanone (Italy, 1972, 1974),
West Berlin (Germany, 1981), Elba (Italy, 1992), Pont `a Mousson (France, 1993), Balatonalmadi
(Hungary, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2003).
Since 1970, Professor Silviu Sburlan has been a reviewer to Zentralblatt f¨ur Mathematik.


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