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Tim Severin (born 1940) is a British explorer and writer.

He was born Timothy Severin in Assam, India, and currently lives in Timoleague, County Cork, Ireland, where he owns Argideen River Holiday Lodges. He was educated at Tonbridge School and Keble College, Oxford, where he studied geography and history. While still a student he embarked on the Marco Polo Expedition with Stanley Johnson and Michael de Larrabeiti. This was the start of his career as an explorer and writer. Severin has recreated a number of legendary voyages and journeys in order to determine how much of the legends are based on factual experience.

In 2005 he started writing historical fiction with similar themes — the voyage. His first Viking Series is about a young Viking adventurer Thorgils Leifsson, who travels around the world. In 2007 he started publishing his next series set in the late 17th century about the 17-year-old Hector Lynch, who becomes a Corsair.



Viking Series

    * Odinn's Child (2005)
    * Sworn Brother (2005)
    * King's Man (2005)

The Adventures of Hector Lynch

    * Corsair (2007)
    * Buccaneer (2008)
    * Sea Robber (May 1, 2009)

Non fiction

    * The Brendan Voyage (1978) - Sailing a leather currach from Ireland to Newfoundland
    * The Sinbad Voyage (1983) - Sailing an Arab dhow from Muscat, Oman to China
    * The Jason Voyage: The Quest for the Golden Fleece (1986) - Sailing from Greece to Georgia
    * Tracking Marco Polo (1986) - Motorcycle ride from Venice to Central Asia along the Silk Road
    * The Ulysses Voyage (1987) - Sailing from Troy to Ithaca
    * Crusader (1989) - Riding a heavy horse from France to the Middle East
    * In Search of Genghis Khan (1991) - See Genghis Khan
    * The China Voyage (1994) - Across the Pacific Ocean on a bamboo raft
    * The Spice Islands Voyage (1997) - See Alfred Russel Wallace, a voyage through the Indonesian archipelago
    * In Search of Moby-Dick (1999) - See Herman Melville
    * Seeking Robinson Crusoe (aka In Search of Robinson Crusoe) (2002) - See Robinson Crusoe

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