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Warren Hinckle (born 1938) is an American political journalist based in San Francisco. As a student at the University of San Francisco he wrote for the student newspaper, the San Francisco Foghorn. After college he worked for the San Francisco Chronicle. From 1964 to 1969 he was executive editor of Ramparts, a widely circulated, muckracking political magazine of the Catholic left heavily involved in the antiwar New Left politics of the period.

In 1968, he signed the “Writers and Editors War Tax Protest” pledge, vowing to refuse tax payments in protest against the Vietnam War. After leaving Ramparts in 1969, Hinckle co-founded and edited the magazine Scanlan's Monthly with New York journalist Sidney Zion. After Scanlan's folded in 1971 he was involved with a number of publications, including editing Francis Ford Coppola's ambitious City magazine, which ceased publication in 1976. Since 1991 he has been editor and publisher of The Argonaut and its online version, Argonaut360.

Hinckle has written or co-written over a dozen books, including a 1974 autobiography, If You Have a Lemon Make Lemonade.

Hinckle's biography and tenure at Ramparts is described at length in Peter Richardson's A Bomb In Every Issue: How the Short, Unruly Life of Ramparts Magazine Changed America.

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