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William Gilmore Simms (April 17, 1806 – June 11, 1870) was a poet, novelist and historian from the American South whose novels achieved great prominence during the 19th century, with Edgar Allan Poe pronouncing him the best novelist America had ever produced. In recent decades, though, Simms' novels have fallen out of favor, although he is still known among literary scholars as a major force in Antebellum literature. He is also remembered for his strong support of slavery and for his opposition to Uncle Tom's Cabin, in response to which he wrote reviews and a novel.

Life and work

Simms was born on April 17, 1806,[4] in Charleston, South Carolina,[5] of Scottish-Irish ancestors. His mother died during his infancy, and his father failed in business and joined Coffee's Indian fighters; as a result, Simms was brought up by his grandmother. In his teen years, he worked as a clerk in a drug store but began to study law at the age of eighteen. He married Anne Malcolm Giles in 1826. The bar of Charleston admitted him to practice in 1827, though he soon abandoned this profession for literature.

List of works

    * Lyrical and Other Poems (1827)
    * Tile Vision of Cones, Cain, and Other Poems (1829)
    * The Tricolor, or Three Days of Blood in Paris (1830)
    * Atalantis, a Tale of the Sea (1832).
    * Martin Faber, the Story of a Criminal (1833)
    * The Yemassee (1835)
    * The Partisan (1835)
    * Mellichampe (1836)
    * Richard Hurdis; or, the Avenger of Blood. A Tale of Alabama (1838)
    * Border Beagles: A Tale of Mississippi (1840)
    * The Kinsmen (1841)
    * History of South Carolina (1842)
    * The Lily and the Totem, or, The Huguenots in Florida (1850)
    * Katherine Walton (1851)
    * The Tennessean's Story (1852)
    * Vasconselos (1853)
    * Woodcraft (1854)
    * The Forayers (1855)
    * Eutaw (1856)
    * The Cassique of Kiawah (1859)
    * Joscelyn (1867)

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