Ember from the Sun - Mark Canter

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In a glacier cave scientist Yute Nahadeh finds the surprisingly well-preserved body of a Neanderthal woman. On close investigation it is revealed that she must have become pregnant immediately before she died which makes Nahadeh hope that the embryo might still be viable. The prospect of scientific findings he would never have dared to hope for he against all reason sets out to look for a suitable surrogate mother. He finds Inuit girl Chena, a runaway willing to carry the baby to term if she is paid.

The inevitable happens: as soon as the baby is born Chena’s maternal instincts kick in and she refuses to give it up. With her boy friend who marries her shortly thereafter she returns to her village. Little Ember grows up with her sister, but is always aware of her being different. Nobody can explain to her why she doesn’t look like all the other people. She is thought to be the result of a genetic experiment. Searching for her identity she finally meets Yute Nahadeh, the only person able to help her.

Mark Canter picked a rather sensitive issue for his debut novel: human cloning and the ethical problems that arise. A Neanderthal man is no dinosaur but a sentient being confronted with a world where he or she is the only one of his or her kind. Although Ember grows up with a family that accepts her in all her uniqueness she always remains an outsider. It’s not just outer appearance that sets her apart but certain special powers that let some regard her as a charismatic healer while others find her suspicious and reject her. One might suspect that the author bit off more than he can chew in his first novel, but the story is so coherent that it never seems unbelievable. Canter’s style is pleasantly fluent, the tension is never nerve-wracking, but sufficient to keep you reading.

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Detalii Carte

Autor Mark Canter
Editura A Dell Book
Anul apariţiei 1996
Domeniu Carte in engleza
Pagini 546
ISBN 0-440-22430-6
Format 110x175 mm
Locaţie S07

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