Goodbye Mexico - Phillip Jennings

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Having survived the Vietnam War’s wildest secret mission, Jack Armstrong is happily working for the CIA in Mexico City, until an unexpected reunion has him wishing he were back in Nam, face down in a rice paddy.

The incorrigible Gearheardt – evidently, not as dead as Jack thought -- arrives with the daftly righteous mission of saving the world’s prostitutes by handing them a country of their own. And he’s sure he can trick ‘the Company’ into helping him do it. Setting up his HQ in Mexico City’s best bordello, Gearheardt naturally expects his old buddy Jack to pitch right in. After what happened in Hanoi, Jack ought to know better, but . . .

In the tradition of Graham Greene’s Our Man in Havana and his own phantasmagorical Nam-A-Rama, Phillip Jennings hilariously demonstrates that espionage isn’t hard – if the right hand knows what the left hand is doing! Do the headlines give you a headache? Read Goodbye Mexico and discover that the only cure for some kinds of pain is laughter. 

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Autor Phillip Jennings
Editura A Tom Doherty
Anul apariţiei 2008
Domeniu Carte in engleza
Pagini 348
ISBN 978-0-7653-5578-2
Format 110x170 mm
Locaţie S07

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